2024 3rd International Conference on Aerospace, Aerodynamics and Mechatronics Engineering (AAME 2024)

AAME 2022

AAME 2022 was held successfully on July 29-31 online! 2022 International Conference on Aerospace, Aerodynamics and Mechatronics Engineering (AAME 2022) was held successfully on July 29-31, 2022 online. The Conference focus on advanced Aerospace Engineering and methods, and their applications in multi-domain areas. The aim of the conference is to provide a platform for research scholars, technicians and practitioners in Aerospace and Aerodynamics engineering to share scientific research results and cutting-edge technologies, understand academic trends, broaden research ideas, strengthen academic research. There were 4 keynote speeches and 7 oral speeches being presented. Each one shared views and ideas of the latest reseach.

What we can learn about AAME2022 is as follows: Details of the Publication & EI Retrieval Information


First of all, the host introduced the background of the conference and extended the warm welcome to all the participants on behalf of the committee. After the first keynote speaker, there was a "group photo" session and captured a screen for all the participants.

Keynote Speeches


Prof. Ian McAndrew, from Capitol Technology University, USA. 

The speech title is: Cybersecurity issues in the aerospace industry


Prof. George Zhu(朱正宏教授), from York University, Canada. 

The speech title is: Computational Control for Space Tether Systems by Finite Element State Observer and Model Predictive Control


 Prof. Bing Li(李冰教授), from Northwestern Polytechnical University, Xi'an, China. 

The speech title is: Extraordinary elastic-wave control based on metamaterials and metasurfaces

Oral Speeches


Dr. Xianghua Chen(陈祥华), from
School of Aerospace Engineering of Xi'an Jiaotong University, China 

The title of his speech is:

Reliability assessment model of the smart morphing winglet driven by piezoelectric actuator


Dr. Qixing Sun(孙其星博士), from
Department of Mechanical Engineering Tsinghua University, China

The title of his speech is: Effect of Long Term Service on Fatigue Crack Growth Behavior of CrMoV Steel Weld Metals

This conference provided opportunities for the different areas delegates to exchange new ideas and application experiences face to face, to establish business or research relations and to find global partners for future collaboration.